WHY WE DO IT? Imagine how many children would not be side-lined or bullied out from Sports worldwide by just using this shoe patented design that protect their ankles and avoid injuries.

The Mattson APS21 PANTHERA system is a project we are already very proud of. It is an incredible concept, designed to efficiently protect the ankles of players on the practice of contact sports. The way we have developed this idea, will change dramatically the standards on safety on the fields of contact sports. It is ergonomically effective and provides high comfort and protection to the users. All these advantages without the problem of affecting the performance, thanks to the area of Free movement! Our goal now is to Produce a prototype and establish a basic production to fit demands in a niche market.


Image_youtube_play        detail impact_01_APS21jpg

These are photos of the very typical ankle injuries produced by side impacts, lacerations or cuts.


ADVANTAGES_APS21_01    Injured_ankle_high

This type of injuries knocks out almost 32% of all players in the different segment of contact sports worldwide, especially in the Football market. This injuries leave terrible consequences not only for children, who get out of sports for been afraid of the worsening consequences, after been injured first time, but also affects the players at all levels, junior, senior and professionals who loose career life chances and exposure. Another field who suffer consequences directly here is the Football club which lose millions on player’s investments on a daily base.

WHY your KIDS deserve protection!

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