It’s true that building a shoe company who cares for the health of people its very important. But more important than all is to give a chance to the ones, who never have a chance to kick a ball or play with a ball. We are announcing here 05.03.2016, the long time intentions of our fundator Mr Adrian Schafer. The first stage of this project it’s to make this sport company big enough to have funds to build a research and construction center.

This place will be created exclusively to build LIMBS for the victims of war. Specifically kids. This is how Mr A.A.Schafer, hold his word responsible to take on this challenge, in the next 5 years. ‘The Limbs will be provided completely free of cost for the ones who need them. In this case priority will be those victims of war’ A.S.

We; the ones who work with him, give all the support necessary to make his dream come true. Because Mr.Schafer dreams are our dreams too. Thanks for supporting us and Keep rolling the good vibrations on the world. We don’t need only good intentions, we need facts. So we are building them for the world.


Panthera, the boot that take cares of your ankles, will impulse this project.

The Administration, Thanks for your attention.

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